Higher Ground Horsemanship Clinics are limited to a small group of no more than 10 participants and spots are filling quickly. A completed clinic application received and approved by Higher Ground Horsemanship plus a 50% deposit of the clinic cost will reserve your spot for the clinic of your choice. We accept personal checks, cashier’s check, or cash. Full payment is due no later than a week prior to the clinic you are planning to attend unless otherwise agreed. Personal checks must clear before clinic participation is permitted.
Clinics are personally instructed by Kerry Christopherson, professional trainer and owner of Higher Ground Horsemanship. Kerry has over 25 years of experience riding and starting 100’s of horses. She is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of horses and the people who love them. Higher Ground Horsemanship clinics provide training from the ground up for both horse and rider.
Please visit the testimonials section of our website to see the positive feedback from all our past clinics. ​​

​Grounded Fundamental 2 Day Clinics:

April 16th and 17th ( Full ! )
More Dates TBD​

​​Gaining Ground Workshop:

Required for this Clinic: Participation in a "Grounded" clinic and/or enough private lessons with Higher Ground Horsemanship to be at this level.  Some other exceptions may be allowed.  Please call, email, or come out to our facility for a free evaluation to see if you and your horse are ready for this level.
May 14th (Full !)
More Dates TBD​

Practical Application Day(s):
Late Summer/Fall 2016

​All practical Application days are designed to give previous "Grounded" and/or "Gaining Ground" Clinic participants and those taking lessons with Higher Ground Horsemanship a chance to practically use the ground work and riding skills they have learned to conquer real world situations. This may include at home obstacles in the arena, trail work on BLM land, exposure to cattle, trailer loading, riding in groups, etc. Depending on weather, our practical application clinics may be over the course of a single day or may be split into two morning or afternoon sessions.
​​****We will come to you****  While most of our clinics will be held at our facility in Montrose, CO, we would love to come and do a clinic in your area.  If you would like to try and arrange for a weekend clinic in your home town please contact us.   We need a group of at least 5 participants and no more than 10.  

  • Lay the foundation for a safe, dependable, willing partnership and begin building the framework for advanced levels of horsemanship with limitless possibilites
  • Develop ground work and riding skills that will build your confidence and keep you safe while earning your horse’s trust and respect
  • Kerry will equip you with knowledge, experience, and the tools to help you and your horse excel no matter what your riding discipline or goals
  • Develop your feel and timing for more effective communication and better control both on the ground and under saddle
  • Learn how to read your horses body language, analyze behavior, and understand basic principles of horse training
Please be certain that you and your horse meet all the requirements specified in the clinic application before enrolling.  Key requirements include:
  • A completed clinic application received and approved by Higher Ground Horsemanship
  • Required Equipment (i.e. rope halter and lead, stick and string, bridle with snaffle bit and reins) For a full list, further details and recommendations please refer to clinic application
  • A current negative Coggins and valid Health Certificate (out of state or more than 250 miles)
  • A desire to learn, work hard and take your horsemanship to new heights

    Higher Ground Horsemanship Clinics will be taught in a small group setting of 6 - 10 clinic participants.  A small group allows Kerry to give more individualized attention and make sure each person receives the help they need. Generally, smaller groups are less intimidating, but still allow you to watch, learn and encourage one another as you work through various situations.
    Proven groundwork and riding exercises will be taught in a specific order.  Each exercise builds the foundation for the next.  Kerry will make sure each participant has achieved optimum success with their horse at each exercise before moving on. 
    Kerry will use her own horse to demonstrate the goal of each exercise and explain why it is important.  She will then use a participant's horse to demonstrate the teaching stage of most exercises(especiallythe ground work portions) and then continue to use her own horse(s) to show how to refine each exercise as the horse gets better and understands.  You will then be asked to spread out around the arena to practice while Kerry guides each person individually and makes sure each exercise is done correctly.  Kerry's husband Brian will also be available as an extra set of eyes and hands to ensure each clinic participant receives the help they need.
    All times for the layout of the clinic are general and may change without notice.  Clinics will average 6 to 8 hours of instruction daily.  Depending on the time of year, each clinic day will start between 8:00 and 9:00 AM and conclude for the day between 4:00 and 6:00 PM.  An hour lunch will be provided each of the first two days.  Please provide your own lunch if you are participating in Practical Application day.  You may arrive the night before and leave the morning after.  Please refer to the clinic application for more schedule details and information regarding your horse's stay during the clinic.
    • Higher Ground Horsemanship Clinics are a culmination of Kerry's years of experience, study, and education. Kerry has aquired the  knowledge, expertise, skills and professionalism to help horse's and their owners reach new heights in their horsemanship journey.
    • New beginnings for some, better understanding of basics for others and for some a chance to advance and challenge their horsemanship skills.
    • Foundational exercises for every discipline, goal, advanced skill or manuever
    • Fundamental clinics pave the way for intermediate and advanced levels of horsemanship
      To download the clinic application, click on the Higher Ground Horsemanship Logo Below
      Montrose, Colorado
      2016 Clinic Dates
      All information below pertains to the "Grounded" and "Gaining Ground"  Horsemanship Clinics.
      Additional information pertaining to the "Gaining Ground" Intermediate Clinics will be available soon.