" That was the best winter horse camp ever! I enjoyed my time hugely. Foundation training needs to set before anything else. Kerry unveils holes and helps close them up before moving forward.  I learned a ton and will solidify "my holes."  
                                                                            - Kathy Marsh, Montrose, CO
" Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to do this.  You were an AMAZING teacher! The way you desensitized "Kota" to a plastic bag was awesome ( and everything you did )."  
                                                                       - Micaiah Thompson, Montrose, CO
" It was good for Jackie to have to pay attention with the distraction of other horses present.  Stopping...I think it finally came together us.   I'd like to do the same clinc with Suede." 
                                                                               - Val Drown, Montrose, CO
" Very professional and enjoyable."
                                                                     -  Heide Bruestle, Arrowhead, CO
" This clinic is most likely the "A" standard in clinics around here.  Real professional and extremely well run.  The clinic gave me a pretty good measurement of where my horse and myself are at training wise and where to concentrate my efforts.  Thank you for being so patient with me.  Working with "Cowboy" and stretching myself...has been so rewarding to me...more than you can imagine!"
                                                                         - Bob Hurford, Montrose, CO
" Fun, lots of good stuff."
                                                                      - Mike Fahrlander, Gunnison, CO
" Kerry put on a great clinic, done in a compassionate and professional manner.  This young lady has worlds of knowledge and talent.  You will profit by a clinic with Kerry. 
                                                                           - Lyn Flowers, Montrose, CO
" I have experienced one clinic with Kerry.  She did a great job! She is very thorough.  I am 74 and have been around horses all my life in ranch situations, but  learned a great deal of technique in Kerry's clinic. The most helpful portion of the clinic was the step by step progression that accomplishes the training goal you want to achieve"
                                                                          - Lyn Flowers, Montrose, CO