"One of the things I appreciate about the way Kerry trains is that she does not hurry the young horse, but builds confidence one step at a time, even if it means taking a couple steps back before moving ahead, which in the long run produces a very trustworthy horse." 
                                                                          - Val Drown, Montrose, CO
"Kerry has done fantastic work on "Bow" my 5 year old gelding.  He was just "green broke" when I introduced him to Kerry and had many behavioral issues, so much so, that I was not going to get on him.  Within a few short months, Kerry transformed "Bow" into a sound, respectful and well trained horse and it is a pleasure to ride him now."
                                                                     - Karin Freudenburg, Norwood, CO
"I have have had two young horses started and trained by Kerry.  My hat is off to her talent, knowledge and training ability.  She desires to help the horse owner to become a better horseman as she trains the animal.
                                                                            - Lyn Flowers, Montrose, CO
"She takes her job very seriously - you strive for excellence which is refreshing in this day and age."
                                                                              - Lisa Abbott, Montrose, CO
"Your training is great, and I love how you get respect into those horses and their trust."
                                                                          - Micaiah Thompson, Montrose, CO
"Chuck and I have Chapman's Quarter Horse Ranch in Whitewater, Colorado, where we raise registered quarter horses.  At the time we met Kerry we were looking for a trainer and what a blessing it was to have her involved with our horses. Her riding skills and method of training were excellent. She had a soft voice and quiet way with them and she quickly earned their trust.  Her love of horses was apparent and that was a plus for us as we shared the same attitude.  She developed a correctness in them as she taught them and the record of progression or "check list" kept us all on track.

Through the years we have kept in touch and have shared our goals in life.  It is good to see her develop her teaching skills with her students and know they are blessed to learn from her.  We want to recommend her as a trainer and  teacher of horsemanship. There is a gift in her accomplishment of these things."
                                                                   -Chuck and Carol Chapman, Whitewater, CO