Higher Ground Horsemanship is a top notch, full care boarding & training facility designed to meet the needs of a variety of horses and people. We offer a very clean, superbly maintained equine facility. Quality care, customer service and personal attention to detail are extremely important to us.  Your satisfaction and your horse's well-being are a top priority.   We will go the extra mile to create a positive, safe, and comfortable environment for you and your horse.
  • Year round convenience and comfort
  • Natural lighting environment
  • Superbly maintained
  • Excellent footing
  • Safe places to tie using Blocker tie rings
  • Large bay doors for temperature control
  • Walk-thru door for convenience
70 ft. X  126 ft. Indoor Arena
70 ft. Semi-Solid Wood Round Pen
  • Safe
  • Secure
  • Great place to build confidence for you and your horse
      220 ft. X 120ft. Outdoor Arena
      • Enclosed in safe, 6 ft. high, galvanized panels
      • Quality footing regularly maintained with our Kiser TR3 arena groomer
      • Easy access from all areas of our facility
      Boarding Options
      • Lush, irrigated pasture secured with highly visible horse-safe, electric fencing
      • 20' X 50' individual runs with shelter
      • Spacious paddocks
      • All runs and paddocks personally cleaned daily
      • Water tanks regularly maintained (fresh, clean water is a priority)
      • All horses in our care checked daily for health and well-being
      • Turn out available
      • Reliable, professional veterinary and farrier service available
            Other Features and Services
            • BLM access minutes away for more riding enjoyment
            • Heavy duty steel hitching rail with Blocker tie rings
            • 360 degree swivel tie post /"Patience Pole"
            • Blanketing available
            • Accomodations for special feeding or nutrition needs
            • Short term boarding ( over-night, weekly, monthly)
            • Year-round discounts
            • Multiple horse discounts
            • Accomodations and/or basic veterinary care for horses needing rehabilitation or recovery
            ****New Facility Additions Include****
             **Pasture loafing sheds
            ** Customer/client tack room
            ** Automatic, Heated waterers
            (for constant access to clean water 24 hours a day)

            * 12 New Runs with individual shelters
            Featuring a Combination of Well Pipe & Electrobraid Fence Construction
            Extremely Safe & Strong
            Spacious 20' Wide X 50' Long
            2 sided shelters are 10' x 10'​
            Turnout Available

            Pictures During Construction